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I am a Licensed Post Office, how do I access the store so I can shop and see pricing?
Why can I not see the the prices or shop online?
All Licensed Post Offices in Australia are pre-registered for access to this site.
Your username is your shops unique W.C.C. number (6 digits)  eg. 123456
Your temporary password is the same W.C.C. number (6 digits) BACKWARDS eg. 654321.
You will then be prompted to change your temporary password to a more secure password and provide your email address.
We do not share your personal information with anyone, We may use this information to contact your periodically to update you on new products or offerings
Refer to our privacy policy in regards to your how we manage your personal information.

Watch the Getting Started video for more information

I am a Corporate Post Office, why can I not shop on this site?

All equipment requirements for Corporate Post Offices must go through a centralised purchasing system at Australia Post. Please direct your requirement through to your Network or Area Manager and they will assess your request and place the appropriate order through the correct channels.

I work for Australia Post Corporate, why am I denied access the online store?
You need permission to access this site, we have issued specific permissions for State based Customer Service representatives and other Australia Post Personnel on a case by case basis. Please contact John Wells (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to discuss future access.

I am not a post office, can I order your equipment?
Our range of equipment is for Australia Post use only. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will decide your access on a case by case basis.

Why does the equipment in our Post office look different to the equipment on your site?
If you have the older style equipment which is different to that shown on our site, you may be able to identify an equivalent product by the size of the current replacement. Alternatively look through the gallery or the planograms to identify the merchandise and see how it is now displayed. If still in doubt, please contact us to discuss.

How do I know what to order?
If you are refurbishing an existing site or building a new site, we strongly advise that you work with your Australia Post Area Manager. They can assist with resources to plan your build or refurbishment to ensure you order the correct equipment, in the correct quantity for your merchandise.
If you are simply replacing damaged equipment or adding new equipment, look at the photos in the gallery for ideas. If you are still unsure, call us to discuss or alternatively contact your Area Manager.

Where do I buy the other equipment I need such as signage and joinery?
You can purchase all floor equipment (joinery) to fit our equipment from Ecco shopfitting on 03 9793 4755 (Joy or Lui)
You can purchase printed signs that fit into our acrylic signage holders from Sign Manager on 03 9259 4503 (David Cann)
You can purchase Australia Post printed promotional material by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is a planogram?
A planogram is a document created by Australia Post that shows the preferred layout for displaying specific merchandise. It groups products into categories and displays them in a logical and attractive way.

Planograms are updated regularly when the merchandise range changes or new products are added. Generally the slat wall and floor equipment does not change, usually it is only the actual merchandise mix or range that changes.

I do not want to order right now, but I would like to know how much the equipment and freight will cost me altogether?
You can browse and shop on our site and if you don't want to order and pay straight away, simply go to shopping cart, fill in your State and postcode, then click on 'Get Quotes'. At this point you have not committed to purchase. This total invoice value, including freight, is shown at this point. We will only ship items once you have paid, so do not worry about using this checkout system to work our your costs.

Why cant you send the goods by Australia Post?
Because many of the items we supply are over 1150mm in length , we are unable to send via the Australia Post network. We use tried and tested carriers who have proved to be able to deliver on time every time.

If you wish to make your own freight arrangements, please do not proceed to checkout. please contact us directly by phone or email to discuss.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Generally we despatch small orders within 1 - 2 working days.
Larger orders or full store lots, generally require 2- 3 weeks to assemble and despatch.
Transit times can vary between 1 - 7 days, depending on the location of the delivery.

Why does the equipment arrive on a pallet and not in cartons?
From time to time, we send equipment on pallets to reduce manual handling and therefore reducing the risk of damage. This decision is made by us at the time of packing of your order.
If your equipment is being shipped on a pallet, you may be required to assist the driver with a hand unload of the equipment at your site.

Why is the weight of the item on the site higher than the actual weight?

Freight rates are calculated on the higher of two different weights: dead weight and volumetric weights. All weights on this site are the higher of these two calculations, to assist with accurate freight costing.

I only want a few items, can you send small orders?
Yes, we are happy to process even the smallest orders. Please note that our freight carrier has minimum charge weights, in some cases, the freight cost may be higher than the unit cost. If this is the case, you may wish to increase your order to offset the higher freight cost.

Can I buy similar items cheaper online?
Yes you can, our equipment in most cases is designed specifically for Australia Post displays therefore it is manufactured in smaller quantities than "off the shelf" items sold on a global scale. You can be assured that our equipment will fit your floor fixtures and will also suit the purpose for which it was designed.

My shopfitter wants to include this equipment in their quotation, will My Post Shop deal directly with my shopfitter?
You can purchase our equipment through your nominated shopfitter, however they may include a margin for providing this service. Consider dealing directly with us and we can arrange delivery to the shopfitter on your behalf and work with them in regards to project timing.

Is this site available on the App Store?
We are working on an App version for both iPhone and Android, we will advise our customers when this is available.

Where do I find copies of old orders and invoices?
Navigate to the "My Orders" Tab to view old orders and invoices. 

How do I clean acrylic (Plexiglass)?
We advise a soft rag preferably made from T shirt material, and Methylated spirits in a spray bottle. This is the best way to clean your equipment, as it cleans and evaporates quickly.

NEVER use hot water or detergents, hot water weakens glue joins and detergents build up over time and smear on the surface of the acrylic. Never use abrasive cleaners rough cloth.

Why has my data strip has fallen off the shelf!?
Please refer to the downloads button for installation instructions for data strip. If data strip is installed correctly it will last many years.
In brief:

New Shelves - Remove the protective masking from the shelf, remove the liner on the tape on the back of the data strip, position the data so that the top of the data strip sit above the lip of the shelf push gently across the full length.

Do NOT pull or disturb data strip for 24 hours after adhesion, this cure time is very important. Insertion of price ticketing immediately after install, can result in the data strip not adhering to the shelf.

Tip - We suggest that you insert the price tickets and printed material before removing the adhesive backing, this way your display will look complete immediately.

Existing shelves - Clean the shelf with Methylated spirits and allow to dry completely, then follow the above procedure for a new shelf.

What happens if my equipment arrives broken or parts of my order are missing?
Please contact us to discuss, we generally ask for photos of the packaging and the damaged equipment so that we can review and improve our packaging process. This also assists with our claim against the carrier.

For missing items, please contact us to discuss, we keep packing records for each order and may be able to chase up the missing item with our carrier.

Where is my order?
You will receive notification that your goods have been shipped, a tracking number and a link to our carriers website.

If you cannot find the consignment note on this system, please contact us urgently to discuss and we will follow this up for you.

I think I ordered the wrong equipment, can I return it?
If the item is in re-sellable condition, we may be willing to accept returns. We advise that you contact us by email with photos of the product you wish to return, so that we can evaluate the condition of the item prior to accepting a return and credit. We will then contact you directly to discuss.
Please note - Acrylic items supplied with the face protection in place cannot be accepted back into our warehouse if this protection has been removed.
Please refer to the Return/Refunds and Terms and Conditions section on our home page for further information.